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    Here is my latest theme. 2nd one made for the 85xx series

    Bottom dock theme with different type of focus icon when choosing apps. Made a Facebook web shortcut icon so that you can click the icon and go to actual site instead of crappy app. If requested, may be able to make addition web shortcuts. This does have "fade" screen transitions, which is a nice touch.

    There are 2 versions of this app:

    Regular "VectorCarbon" theme has no battery meter on home screen. I use BatteryEx which is free! Go here for this app. BatteryEx free for OS5.0 | The Ultimate Battery Info Viewer - Utilities BlackBerry Apps With BatteryEx, your battery is shown up top with the battery icon and battery percent number as shown in pic. This is the same spot messages show up. So when a new message comes, the batteryex icon is not shown. But I always check my messages when opening phone so the battery percent is back on when messages viewed.

    Other "VectorCarbonBattery" is the same theme but it does have the normal battery icon in top left corner. And then the messages location is below signal meter.

    VectorCarbon OTA
    MyBBOTA.com Download - VectorCarbon

    VectorCarbonBattery OTA
    MyBBOTA.com Download - VectorCarbon W Battery
    08-09-10 06:04 PM