1. drivebyjoey's Avatar
    Okay, so Hi, everyone
    I'm pretty new here to CB but i love the way everyone seems to work together, and i kinda need some help.

    i dont know how to word this so bear with me

    i have a lot of themes downloaded with "Today" functions. However none of them do what im really interested in, which is seeing ALL my messages on my Home screen not just my Emails. does anyone know anything i can do so i can see my Facebook/ Twitter/ SMS/ MMS on my Today screen?

    once again thanks for all the help.
    06-29-10 02:34 PM
  2. studiorat's Avatar
    I dont think you can view your FB or Twit messages on your home screen unless you have the option to merge Email and SMS selected within the options menu of the message function, as far as FB you need to select that in the setup of FB app, BTW in the notification area on the top of your berries screen u will see FB andd Twit notifiers, personally I dont see why you would want 11000 messages a day on your Berry!!FB sends an email update for every action on FB
    06-29-10 02:53 PM
  3. studiorat's Avatar
    pt 2.
    Themes arent responsible for the issue your themes work seperate from the setup of the device perhaps your theme is only designed to show calendar and sms and email (which most are) you can try designing your own themes search blackberry.com for instructions on how to!!
    good luck
    06-29-10 03:03 PM