06-16-10 02:39 AM
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  1. grotty's Avatar
    Why would someone wanna make a theme for an outdated os!?

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    04-01-10 10:27 PM
  2. kelsjm's Avatar
    I finally upgraded even tho I was scared for a long time. I have at&t and I used the wind hellas one and it was easy as pie. Couldn't believe it. I love 5.0!! Just upgrade already.

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    05-18-10 08:33 PM
  3. Jude526's Avatar
    if your device is up for a new OS it will state it so on the handset.

    Under options you will click on Advanced Options then scroll down to Wireless Update click on it and it will let you know if there is a new OS to be updated
    05-18-10 09:00 PM
  4. D.R.e.W's Avatar
    The OS updates for both the 8520 & the 8530 are HERE. It'll be one of the top for posts. They are model specific so just know what phone you have.

    These updates are not betas, they are the real thing. The way that it was explained to me on the "CrackBerry Podcast" was the BlackBerry makes every update avalible to all the carriers. Then the carrier decides weather to give out the update to it's users. I've run every update here on my VerizonWireless 8530 without any issues. I'm currently running the Virgin Mobile OS. Simply follow the directions. If you don't understand them, read them again, and again and print them out. There can be bumps along the way. READ THE WHOLE THREAD, START TO FINISH and you'll see what bumps may arise. You'll also usually see the fix for it further down the thread.

    Good Luck.
    05-18-10 10:27 PM
  5. fourkidsandamigraine's Avatar
    Is there a way to update the os straight from your phone? I don't have a computer anymore since my kids took it for a swim and my os is 4.6 and having trouble with finding themes. I would love to update but need to do it through my phone!

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    06-01-10 09:41 AM
  6. iPhone4iPad's Avatar
    U cannot u need to do it on a computer sorry rim hasnt yet taken the update os from phone itself out as of now but will in the future...
    06-01-10 11:34 AM
  7. Kylecore's Avatar
    your phones are made to run os 5.0 so just upgrade it provides more features and better themes.

    its easy,
    1. download the os to your comp
    2. install the os to your comp. (then delete vendor.xml file)
    3. back up your data with desktop manager.
    4. wipe your berry with bbsak v1.7
    5. hit load os in bbsak.
    5. click next until you see a screen that has boxes for you to check off.
    6. check off everything you want, or to be safe just check off everything.
    7. wait, and keep waiting. no matter what do not do a battery pull. things could take up to an hour and look stuck, nothings stuck, nothings wrong, just give it time.
    8. resend service books by going to options/advanced options/host routing table/ bb button/send service books. wait some more for everything to be resent. (remember to make sure you are connected to the network by going to manage connections.)
    9. plug your berry back in and ONLY restore address books, messages, calendar, memos. that's it, anything else is unnecessary due to the upgrade and may result in faulty performance.
    10. now finally do a battery pull.

    also remember that all themes and apps require you to use 5.0 versions so you may need to reinstall all your apps to newer versions. you will also have to go back and re set up your email and other things.
    its pretty much that simple.

    good luck.

    i also suggest grabbing hybrids, there are plenty of them and they seem to always work better, many people will agree with me, many people wont. you decide.

    and for those who don't know what a hybrid is, its simple.
    it's a collection of different files from different os's thrown together into one. so if one os's browser is faster then the os your installing its replaced with the better browser. if the sms is better in the original os its kept and not replaced. if battery life is better in yet another os its replaced with the battery management in the original.

    in super short lamens terms hybrids are meant to provide a faster more stable experience with better battery and memory management than what is provided to you by a carrier. the modding community makes these and figures out what works best instead of directly relaying on rim/carriers.

    if anyone has more questions feel free to add me to bbm, my pin is available on my profile, in my signature and directly above beside my picture.

    best of luck everyone. and don't be afraid.
    06-01-10 01:54 PM
  8. junior0225's Avatar
    I am also a 4.6 os user also on a tmobile 8520 blackberry and it sucks I hate the os I really wanna put 5.0 on the phone but tmobile doesn't have the 5.0 os release so now I'm having to try and find a different way to get the 5.0 os

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    06-16-10 02:39 AM
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