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    Hello beautiful people!

    I've been using the themes that are posted here on this forum over the past few months and although I've loved most, there's always some feature missing in one theme I'd like but then that theme would have something else missing. I use the amazing Drew themes as an example, they're all amazing but he loathes clickable today areas. So I thought I may as well give them a go myself

    It's a lot harder than I expected. There's no way I could put something together in a few minutes and be happy. So I've decided to wait until after exams and really put in some time into it, what I need from you guys is some links to useful tutorials when using theme studio. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Links to icon packs being freely shared would be a bonus can anyone help?

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    Edit: I just found the theme developers thread, could a mod please delete this thread? I don't see the option to do this myself from the wap site
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    Bbthemelab.com has everything u need

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