1. JKropetz's Avatar
    First off I want to rave over my new Curve, so far I love it and have had it for almost a month!

    Ok down to business, I have found a couple themes that I would like to tweak and really make it personalized without plagerizing and reposting the original authors work re-created. I was wondering if someone out there knows of a software package that I can download and edit the theme by importing the original theme and then exporting it in the said "tweaked" state back to my 8530 curve.

    Thanks for your time!

    08-30-10 09:58 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums.

    I don't think such tool exists. Your best bet would be asking the theme author to tweak it the way you want. Most of them don't mind it, form what I've seen in the theme's board.

    Head over there and ask way!
    08-30-10 10:11 PM