1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Hello everybody, I have a cell phone plan that allow me to use some WIFI hotspots for free (using the EAP-SIM). I would like to use my blackberry (compatible with EAP-SIM and WIFI) as a modem for my laptop (under Windows10 or Linux Debian) using a cable or bluetooth to share the WIFI connection. I'm looking for it for quite a long time.
    I tried to use the windows function to use my smartphone as a modem but it used the data of my plan. I also tried with BlackBerry Desktop and the result was the same.
    Thanks to anybody trying to help.
    09-30-15 06:12 AM
  2. martinjdub's Avatar
    First off, I don have have a legacy BlackBerry handy to show you where where find th "internet tethering" but I'll respond later I I can locate it . . .

    At my company, we allowed our laptops to tether , our BlackBerry using bluetooth or in most cases, USB.

    Try this video

    Use Bluetooth Enabled BB Curve 8520 for Laptop Internet Access - BlackBerry Forums Support Community

    You may also want to contac your Carrie for help....maybe it's an HR up correctly on on thier end

    Good luck!
    09-30-15 07:34 AM
  3. jcraly's Avatar
    Thanks for the fast reply. Anyway, all you showed me is to use the internet data plan of the cell phone and share it, but I would like to share the WIFI of my blackberry with my laptop :/
    09-30-15 11:13 AM

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