1. Didieeer's Avatar

    I'm looking for a basic theme.
    Only thing it needs is a short summary of my calendar on my BB homescreen.
    Like for example the next 5 events..

    That's all the theme should have. No new icons, no fancy wallpaper or whatsoever.. just the calendar thing.

    This probably exists already as a plug-in or something similar? If not.. someone could build me one and I'm willing to pay for it.

    BB8520, OS4.6
    03-10-11 07:57 AM
  2. tsells's Avatar
    Is this what you are looking for:

    deToday - The Revolutionary Today Screen App - Utilities BlackBerry Apps - Crackberry BlackBerry Apps Store

    It's a great app that has a lot of options.
    03-10-11 08:13 AM
  3. dlo455's Avatar
    03-10-11 08:17 AM
  4. Didieeer's Avatar
    Found a theme on the official BB-app site
    "Titanium Black Theme Today Style"

    Thanks for the effert tho, appreciate it.

    If not satisfied about this theme, I'll consider buying the deToday app, looks great!
    03-11-11 10:08 AM