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    Real iBerry Blocks Icon (Slidescreen & ICON) - BOLD 2 9700

    ON SALE for $1.98 for a limited time!

    SlideScreen Features:
    - No Lag as tested!
    - The REAL iPhone Replica with the sharpest and smoothest Icons
    - Sliding Dock which hides 12 Customizable Icons when you want to show off your wallpaper
    - Today Plus Preview Plane
    - 6 Customiable Icons on the Bottom Dock
    - 18 Total Customizable Icons
    - Very Fast Theme



    04-01-10 02:28 AM
  2. kevinrh32's Avatar
    No Lag...Icons are exact replicas, they dont show their folder names but when they're highlighted, bottom center of the screen it tells you briefly what folder it is and then disappears till another is highlighted. The only thing i thought it would do was when your on the icons, you could "mouse" over to the next page for more icons...i missread the description. This guy is a good theme maker tho! this is my 3rd iphone theme i have installed right now on my 8520. Just have to get used to it. It does allow you switch between the 12 icons home screen and the wallpaper, Just have to go to the dots on the bottom of the screen and select the opposite. My suggestions, when you go to view your calendar, your upcoming dates appear on the home screen (which is VERY convenient!!) but just be on the second/blank home screen. Hard to see dates over icons LOL!

    - Top row in your bberry menu (at least on the 85XX) Models is your bottom row on your home screen, and the second and third rows on your menu are the first and second rows on the home screen.

    -Only complaint so far tho is that when you add a home screen image for a backround, the bottom dock is in the way of the bottom 1/3 or 1/4 of the picture.
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    04-01-10 01:02 PM
  3. ronnycakes's Avatar
    yeah i agree with kevin, the bottom dock should come with the option of being able to hide it as it covers a lot of the wallpaper
    04-01-10 08:46 PM