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    I have an 8520. It comes with it preloaded themes. Everything works fine with them. I made a couple themes using Theme Builder. Call it theme A and theme B. I loaded theme A and applied it under themes. Everything works great. I loaded the theme B and applied it under themes and that's where my issues begin. The phone works like it should, I can make calls, send text/e-mail. I can also receive calls, text and e-mail but without any audible or vibrating notifications. I see the text icon appear but don't get an audible or vibrating alert. If I load theme A without deleting theme B, same issues. If I delete theme A, and just use theme B, everything works great. Same goes if I delete B, and just use A, everything works. My profile stays the same and I verified that all my sounds were at the same volume as before. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance.

    03-12-10 08:15 AM
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    Did you manually set your sound profile for the theme in theme builder? I've built a few themes but never sound profiles as part of the themes I created on theme builder. If you set the sounds manually try changing the sound profiles so they're different then delete both themes, reboot, load both themes, reboot again, and test. At least you'll know if its theme builder setting causing the issue.

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    03-12-10 08:32 AM
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    Well here's something that I forgot to mention. I made 2 themes for my wife's 8330, loaded both of them and applied one of them and everything works normal. Applied second theme without deleting first, and still everything works normal.

    Also, where do you manually set the sound profile in theme builder? Thanks again.

    03-12-10 08:52 AM
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    I didn't think you can do anything with sound profiles from theme builder. At least anything audible. So did you try creating a third theme on theme builder and loading that as a test to see if you duplicate the problem?
    03-12-10 09:39 AM
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    Yes, I've created like 5 themes all different, and still the same result. I really would like to figure this out so that I wont have to connect the phone to the pc everytime I want to change themes.

    03-12-10 09:49 AM
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    OK well heres something else that I found out. I made a couple themes for a friend of mine that has a 8530. Loaded both themes onto his phone and everything works fine!! Flipped flopped between themes everything is ok I don't get it.

    03-12-10 11:23 PM
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    OK I figured it out. It was a theme that I had downloaded that was causiong my issues. I deleted it and now both themes work.


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    03-15-10 04:38 AM