1. D_Town_Tony's Avatar
    Hey everyone,

    This is my latest premium theme for the ladies (primarily my lady who made me make it)

    Its available at the CB store - HERE

    Even if you don't buy it, Id love some feedback on the look (be as critical as you can please)!

    05-15-10 11:17 AM
  2. Hypnotic's Avatar
    Great works as always Tony, my wife will like this.
    05-17-10 12:18 PM
  3. sarahsmiffy's Avatar
    Love it, i bought one of your themes, backed up system and it wouldnt work properly, so uninstalled it, hoping to reinstall via blackberry app world but no luck! paid for revelation and it was awesome, miss it now but i just cant afford to keep buying themes....oh well.

    this is very nice but i prefer revelation and rocker chic....just my preferences as i am not a girly girl!!!

    But well done all your themes are first class!
    06-02-10 10:22 AM