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    With 24 homescreen icons Thalia is inspiration, legend and beauty - she is a moment of clear breath.

    Theme name: HedoneDesign THALIA theme
    Theme author: HedoneDesign
    Theme credits: HedoneDesign

    Download Link(s): Crackberry Store or check for more info at HedoneDesign.
    Price: 6.99$

    Special features:
    * DFK
    * HDTP
    * BQC
    * XtH


    Modern, clean, sharp, fast and useful! with 24 homescreen icons (12 user customizable), this is a

    professional theme with style!

    They say one of the most beautiful phrases in almost any language is “cellar door” – based on the idea that

    (using what is called phonoaestethics – a complex piece of terminology meaning ‘the beauty of sound’ and what

    sounds the sounds themselves make). Thalia is not just beautiful in the way that the sound that the word

    itself makes, even in the meaning itself – according to legend/history, Thalia was the name of one of the

    muses (and one of the 3-graces as well). Thalia is more than just a sound, though – it is a way of dealing

    with the world around you with panache and a quiet elegance just not found in the ordinary. Thalia is

    inspiration, legend and beauty – she is a moment of clear breath in a world that is bound together by the

    day-to-day banalities that we all have to endure.

    Not necessarily descended from the Greek gods, THIS “Thalia” will inspire you to get more done and less time

    LOOKING for anything. THIS theme has a staggering 24-icons that can be customized for the home screen. The

    icons keep the sharp, crisp feeling from the past couple of themes but this time the colour-gauntlet has been

    thrown (but not painfully-perky or so garish it would scare the people at Crayola). DFK and XTH and the usual

    “touched by the hand of Hedone” niceties, conveniences and other useful things here and there that keep them

    squarely in the center-mark as the Apple of Blackberry themes.

    Suported devices:
    8500, 8900, 8950, 9000, 9300, 9500, 9600, 9650, 9700 series
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