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    The latest creation from ez DeZigns! Vertikal is an original and unique new theme!

    There are 17 total icons right on your home screen but only 1 is normally visible, the Weather Icon! Compact semi-transparent buttons are laid out along the bottom of your screen. Each of these 5 icons, when clicked, opens up 3 icons above it! The last of the 5 bottom icons is reserved for your favorite 3 apps! Simply place your favorite 3 icons as the first 3 in your main menu and you have quick access to them from the home screen! Nearly every aspect of this theme has been customized, from the indicator icons to the phone receiver icons on the call screen, right down to the alarm icon. One of the most unique features are the signal and battery icons. Its difficult to call them icons when they are as integrated into the design of the theme as these are. You find the signal meter running along the very top of the screen and displays your signal from no bars to all five! The battery meter runs along the bottom of the screen and shows a thin yellow bar when charging. These cool indicators blend right into the flow of the theme and yet remain highly visible and easily read. I hope you enjoy this great and powerful theme!!!!

    5.0 screen transition effects
    Innovative & stylish signal and battery meters (icons)
    Unique home screen layout
    17 total icons accessible from home screen
    Weather App or Favorite App slot on home screen
    Each of 5 homescreen buttons opens links to 3 apps
    Place 3 favorite apps in Favorites homescreen menu
    Original Web 2.0 style greyscale icons
    Customized home screen notification icons
    Customized alarm indicator
    Customized phone call and message list icons
    Transparent menus slide out from left and slide away to left
    Eliminates the need to ever press that menu button
    Virtually no lag from this powerful, functional and attractive theme
    Battery pull recommended after installation

    Enjoy this awesome new theme!

    This theme is on promotion and can be purchase here:Vertikal - Themes BlackBerry Apps - Crackberry BlackBerry Apps Store

    Price is $4.98
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    03-15-10 02:04 AM
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    What are you thoughts curve2 peeps?
    03-15-10 08:24 PM
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    Great News! The 4.6 version has been updated and works great now! The font I was using only worked well in 4.7 and newer. All is well now and 4.6 users are a go!
    03-17-10 08:46 PM
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    I see alot of 8500 users downloading this theme....WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT IT????
    03-21-10 09:24 AM
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    Very cool! My friend just downloaded this and it works great!
    03-28-10 09:00 PM
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    I found it a little difficult to navigate and had some issues with getting things to open and close when I wanted them too. BUT, I think that might be more personal preference than any actual issue with the theme. It is a really cool concept though and I really like the color of yellow used in the menus!
    03-29-10 01:11 AM
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    PRICE HAS BEEN REDUCED to $3.98!!!
    03-31-10 12:19 PM