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    Every time I go to delete a theme, my blackberry thinks for a little [the spinning black square] and then it just freezes. And I have to do a battery pull to get it back, worst of all, the themes aren't even deleted. ><. I've tried 3 different themes and have done 3 battery pulls. Anyone know what's going on here or what I'm doing wrong?

    I posted this in the "Theme's Section" because it technically is concerning themes....theme troubleshooting .
    03-12-10 05:33 AM
  2. iamnessabby16's Avatar
    Yeah yuhh're BB isn't freezing it just looks like it! Give it a couple of mins & then a message asking yuhh do yuhh want to restart yuhh're BB then select yes & wait 4 yuhh're BB to reload & then it should be deleted!

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    03-12-10 07:36 AM
  3. theWynter's Avatar
    Seeeee. I did that.....I waited 10 minutes before I pulled the battery outt.

    Just cause I know sometimes these things take awhile to think and do.

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    03-12-10 08:15 AM