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    I had to wipe my phone today, I made sure to back it up beforehand thinking it would also save my theme but when I restored everything, my theme wasn't there. I have been searching the forum (where I found it) for the past 3 hours, I even searched the appstore, with no luck. I was hoping, if I describe what I had, that someone could give me some pointers on what to search. Or if you knew the theme I was talking about if you can point me to it, that would be great also lol.

    *The icons were on the left side of my home screen, there were 5 of them showing but I could scroll to the left to view 5 more.
    *The time was on the left side above the icons.
    *My battery icon was on the right.
    *Date was top middle.
    *I could chose which icons I wanted to be displayed and what order they were in.

    I want to say it was called (or had in the name) precision zen.. but after searching that I wasn't able to find it. I have seen some that are almost exactly like it, only with the icons on the bottom. I really liked the side icons.
    Also is there a way to backup my themes so this doesn't happen again? Or a way to recover a lost one?
    I really appreciate any help that can be given.
    04-29-11 12:23 PM