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    I'm currently using the HTC Sense UI theme for my phone (8530 OS 5.0) and I love the icons and transitions, but i don't really like how large the clock is, and right in the middle of my wallpaper. I'm wondering if there is anyway that I could make my own version of the theme with a smaller clock? And if so where could I ind the icons and which theme buikder should I use? I'd like to get into theme building!

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    05-31-10 10:18 AM
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    well the sense ui is known for that clock so yes you will have to make your own.
    you'll have to use blackberry theme builder which you can get from the blackberry site.
    also there are helpful forums on how to make themes on crackberry so just search around, and please do not ask for help is this section. this section is for posting your finished or beta themes as well as asking for requests. there is a specific board for building themes you should use for further inquiries.

    as for icons you may want to ask the developer where they got the icons from.
    a new site has been started for icons and theme building help that you may want to check out. here's the link
    Blackberry Theme Lab
    best of luck.
    05-31-10 12:32 PM
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    Pm me with your email and I will send you the thm, svg, and icons so you can mod to your hearts delight.


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    06-02-10 08:46 PM