1. montagonfire's Avatar
    I just recently downloaded Theme Studio off of the Blackberry website. It might just be my computer, but I can't seem to extract the downloading files. When I click on the .exe it pops up a window that says, "Please select another location to extract to: " I was wondering if a needed winzip to open up the file. Any help is appreciated.
    04-16-10 11:14 PM
  2. dalethesnail's Avatar
    this happened to me aswell...
    04-17-10 02:41 AM
  3. vibrant_berry84's Avatar
    I think when you download the file it goes into a download folder... if you select the main zipped folder and select unzip contents the option of where to zip it and place it comes in the options... pick the place where you want the theme builder to go... (I just put mine in the start menu) and it should run from there...

    There is a really sweet video to show how to do everything on the theme builder in the support page.... I have the links to it if you cannot find it... also I have some great sites to download great free icons so when you get a BBM you can have a million different funky icons (I HAVE MR. POTATO HEAD!!!).... let me know if you would like these links...
    04-17-10 03:44 AM
  4. zynnis's Avatar
    I would like these links
    Lol. PLZ PLZ PLZ share!

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    04-17-10 08:48 AM
  5. vibrant_berry84's Avatar
    Kool here are a few of the sites i use... i know that with iconshock if u register you get points and get to use them for icons and there is a ton of other ones...

    PNG Icons & Icon Packs Download | IconsPedia - Free Icons
    Professional icons, icon sets & stock icons vista
    DryIcons.com | Free Icons
    Best Free Icons - Free Icons, Free Icons Download, Free Desktop Icons, Royalty Free icons

    Hope those are good for now....
    04-18-10 01:57 AM