1. joebmxx's Avatar
    This is my first theme

    i decided to slightly edit the default precision zen theme to my liking by adding a few colour changes from default blue to a blood red and i added a few fade transitions and a few other little tweaks


    O.S 5 only (may consider uploading in O.S 4 if many people demand)

    P.S iv not mastered how to use OTA uploading so im afriad its ZIP only...
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    05-27-10 07:43 AM
  2. joebmxx's Avatar
    Also if anyone has a guide to upload using OTA it would be very much appreciated
    05-27-10 07:44 AM
  3. adelineeleanor's Avatar
    Mybbota.com offers free hosting!

    Btw the whole theme looks nice but the red underlay doesn't go well with the black and stuff.

    But good try anyway!
    Love it

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    05-27-10 08:03 AM
  4. avacomputers's Avatar
    I can host ota for you. Pm me.

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    05-27-10 08:11 AM
  5. zach18's Avatar
    Please ota 4.6 !!!I rlly like the theme

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    05-27-10 11:12 AM
  6. joebmxx's Avatar
    iv attached a new zip containing the O.S 4.6 its not been tested but it should work ok, just upload it using the desktop manager
    05-27-10 11:25 AM
  7. cfrock's Avatar
    I just emailed you some info. PM me when you get a chance.
    05-27-10 12:01 PM
  8. joeylee's Avatar
    Love the Black & Red color scheme! Any. Chance of a Calendar Preview? It's a must when you have Dr. Appts weekly along with everything else...

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    05-28-10 07:07 PM
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