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    Ok people this is BETA please post comments and suggestions!!
    I alreadyhave found a couple of things to fix myself. I will do fixes after i compile a list. The os 6 icons were made by BIG PAPPA and found at Blackberry Theme Lab. Thanks go out to Matt Ginsberg at Matt Ginsberg | Web and Graphic Designer | Blackberry Theme Developer for his knowledge and tutorials which have made me a better themer! Also to DREW who periodacally critiques my themes. Thanks DREW you will be missed in 8530 themes!

    This theme has 4 scrolling docks. A total of 16 customizable icons for the homescreen. It also has a weather slot which is the 17th icon on menu screen.


    To get to the upper right icons from upper left scroll up. This also works from the left to right. To get to bottom icons scroll down. To get from bottom left icons to bottom right scroll down. Also works same from right side. To get to upper icons from bottom icons scroll up. I've noticed this navigation works best fromm the 2nd to 4th icon in each window.
    To access weather you must navigate to it from last icon in upper left. And scroll left from 1st iconfrom upper right.

    This theme is in BETA. If you download it PLEASE leave a COMMENT or SUGGESTION!!!!

    OTA for 5.0 ONLY

    MyBBOTA.com Download - 4Corners


    06-09-10 11:49 AM
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    Great theme considering it just entered beta! Can't wait till all the kinks are worked out.. This will be nice. Thanks for all the great themes you have provided the 8530 community!

    Edit: maybe make the icon menu have the same blue type of background as the home screen? The black when you highlight an icon might look better.. Just a thought

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    06-09-10 12:10 PM
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    very nice! thank you. looks great, very creative! I think maybe it should be a little easier to scroll around but it does work as you say. Cant wait to see revised version!
    06-10-10 07:19 AM