1. magic rat's Avatar
    I upgraded from an 8330 to an 8530 today.

    On the 8330 I had Dimension Icon as my theme. I liked have 18 icons on my home screen! Some were custom folders that I made, and best of all, I never had to press the 'menu' button for a second-level menu.

    I'm very disappointed that this theme is not in my 8530. I bought the iBlock theme, which lets me have the full 18 icons in a second-level menu, and 15 on the home screen, but it has two problems -- 1., the homescreen can't be customized, and 2., every time the phone locks or times out, it reverts to the homescreen instead of the second-level that I prefer.

    Someone help me .... please !!!!!!! I am craving good old Dimension Icon.

    I saw a similar theme via a Google search, but it didn't list the 85xx as a compatible device.
    05-18-10 10:15 PM