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    This is a Dexter Morgan Theme based on Showtimes original series DEXTER! + is a camera hot key/ Hidden Dock/ Hidden Today totally custom! I got icons and meters from bbthemelab.com!!! Thanks Matt! and everyone enjoy the theme!!

    85** 5.0 only OTA

    10-10-10 02:50 PM
  2. lilbrowngetsdown's Avatar
    I love Dexter so much!!! Please please 4.6 ota?

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    10-10-10 07:48 PM
  3. fabs109#AC's Avatar
    Ok lilbrown tomorrow I will make a 4.6 for you, you should get 5.0 tho come on step it up in the bb world lol! And I will put some screen shots up tomorrow also! I don't mean to toot my own horn but I've been playin with this one since I made it, its pretty cool! I lilike the lock screen photo! Let me know how you like the app screen everyone I'm wondering if I should change it, I love the pic but kind of hard to see icons when its bright outside! Either way V2 will be here tomorrow! Please enjoy!!

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    10-10-10 09:15 PM
  4. lilbrowngetsdown's Avatar
    What's the difference in os? & thank you sooo much!

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    10-10-10 10:22 PM
  5. fabs109#AC's Avatar
    Worlds of difference faster, smoother! All around a new world of your blackberry you will be shocked, Honestly!

    Here's a new 4.6

    Here's a fix for 5.0 i just found
    10-11-10 09:21 AM
  6. fabs109#AC's Avatar
    i don't know what the 4.6 turned out like i know some things changed when i exported it. let me know how it looks. here's some screen shots from 5.0!
    10-11-10 11:46 AM
  7. Polow's Avatar
    Theme looks nice. However, the link provided seems to be dead... can you provide another one please?
    01-07-11 10:00 AM