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    I have a vision in my head of my dream theme & was wondering if someone could make it for me? I am hoping it is fairly simple. It is a Zen theme with 6 OS6 icons at the bottom with a background with about a 70% transparency. There is a weather slot in the top right hand corner which is the 7th slot on the main menu. The top banner on homescreen & menu screen has a big clock taking up the whole banner height, approx 45 pixels high with the date across the top & notification icons under the date, with battery & signal icons on the right. Also, please could you include a hidden today? I know it sounds like a lot but I am sure to one of you experts it will be very simple. Any help is greatly appreciated!

    My BB is 8520 and I am running OS 4.6

    Thanks again

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    Does anyone know if this can be made or am I dreaming?

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    09-15-10 11:43 AM
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    You are still dreaming
    09-16-10 03:36 AM