1. Erto's Avatar
    Batere icon not blinking on latest OS version

    when i recharge the battery:
    default theme (Precision Zen) > batere icon (flash icon) blinking
    NOT default theme (Imagining or else) > batere icon NOT blinking
    are you face the same thing like me?

    12-21-10 05:10 AM
  2. rickyjazze's Avatar
    yeah some person including me having the same issue with the theme that come with the phone it going to blink... but if u install a theme with the same battery icon it not going to charge... i guess it has someting to do the os if u run 822 u will be ok but higher than that their is a issue... but wat i notice u need a theme with a custom battery meter
    12-21-10 08:20 AM
  3. mcaples's Avatar
    .973 here...VZW 8530...its your theme...some do some don't...ever since .822 its been a "crap shoot"...my #1 theme DOES as does my #2 (I won here)...ya gotta "hunt and peck" for a theme that WILL...hint; check out the screen shot...look for a battery that's "different". Attention to details such as that help OR download a free OR premium battery from BBAppWorld OR crackberry

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    12-21-10 10:23 AM
  4. Erto's Avatar
    TIA @all
    for temporary solution i use "i charge cool"
    12-21-10 08:21 PM