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    Email (thekid021@live.com) or BBM if you want any special Themes OS 5 85xx
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    Just FYI!

    Email (thekid021@live.com) or BBM if you want any special Themes OS 5 85xx

    Check out my themes Kid21 Blackberry Themes
    As our Crackberry.com community continues to grow, we are seeing more and more great themes everyday. We'd like to achieve a universal format for posting themes so they are easier to locate. In order to keep things organized, please use the following format for thread titles when posting a theme. Also, please note in the thread if the icons are customizable or docked, note OTA/Desktop download and post screenshots.

    There are sub-forums for each device for posting themes. Please try to keep your posts in the correct sub forum. If you post one thread which contains links to a theme for multiple devices, it may be posted in the main forum. Likewise if you have general theme questions they may be posted in the main forum, however for device specific items, please try to place them in the correct sub-forum.

    The themes listed in this forum must be free themes for the community, or paid themes already listed in our CrackBerry store. For free themes, direct download links (either OTA or Desktop) must be provided and may not link to external sites. No themes may be offered for sale from your personal site through these forums, as it violates the No Advertising Policy of our Terms of Service. This includes any free-trials or "donation" themes. If you would like to sell you theme through Crackberry.com, please take the steps to sign up as a developing partner via MobiHand, Inc. - Services For Software Developers and you may choose to have it listed the ShopCrackberry.com store. Please read this post on how to register with Mobihand to offer your products on ShopCrackberry.com: List your Free and Paid Apps in the CrackBerry App Stores!

    Themes must state either Free or Paid in the thread title. This will help to separate the themes and make them easier for all users to navigate.

    The moderators of this forums will be editing threads and/or thread titles to meet these guidelines. Any threads offering themes for sale from external sites will be removed.

    Thread Title Posting Format for Themes
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