09-06-10 05:03 PM
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    Any news on this yet mate?

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    04-11-10 12:12 AM
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    Free bump... any progress with the hidden dock and transitions?????
    04-12-10 10:16 AM
  3. mksafi's Avatar
    this mksafi character is quuiitte picky...just my opinion...

    Raiderfan did a lot of work for ya, be happy unless your paying guy
    This leron86 character dude fella is quite preachy...why you feel like you can give advice about how one should act?...

    Keep your opinion about me to yourself, unless I ask you for it, which I won't
    04-12-10 02:18 PM
  4. mksafi's Avatar
    Has anyone noticed the Eighteen 4.6 themes is a bit laggy/slow in response when moving from icon to icon compared to the Precision Zen default?
    Yeah, I noticed that and I posted about it in my first reply.

    By the way, I appreciate RaidersFan help. I'm only trying to give feedback.
    04-12-10 02:21 PM
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    Thank you!nice theme!

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    09-06-10 05:03 PM
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