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    I suppose I could have made this a poll, but I'm posting from my berry plus I much prefer peoples own words as opposed to just votes on a poll.

    As a theme designer, I am wondering about the following:

    What are your theme habits?

    1) Do you tend to move from an old theme to a new one, discarding the old each time as you find something new that you like?

    2) Do you like to keep multiple 'favorite' themes on your Berry and switch them around according to mood or situation?

    3) Do you tend to stick with a particular layout for every theme you get, such as today, bottom dock, weather etc or do you change this up too? If so, why?

    4) Do you tend to stick with a particular style of theme, I.e. Dark, bright, particular colors etc or do you switch around?

    5) What would your ideal theme be?

    6) What would you like to see in a theme that you haven't seen yet or haven't seen in a theme that you've liked enough to download?

    Quite a few questions, but I would be really interested in peoples answers. I'm sure other themers would be too.


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    09-05-09 10:51 AM
  2. KasiCatastrophe's Avatar
    1) If I find a new theme I like more than an older one, yes. But I do keep the link for the older one handy in case I want to use that theme.

    2) Yes.

    3) Mostly. My icon layout is always the same but I do use different style themes from time to time. I do prefer bottom dock or hidden dock themes though.

    4) I try to switch around but also seem to end up with darker themes.

    5) I don't know yet. One thing that makes or breaks a theme for me though is how cluttered the homescreen is.

    6)They are out there, but I would like to see more hidden dock themes that allow you to show off the wallpaper.
    09-05-09 11:30 AM
  3. laparent's Avatar
    I keep several themes on my phone at any given time and I tend to switch up a lot, depending on my mood. I often like something whimsical, like a South Park wallpaper for example.

    When I have to go to meetings for work I tend to put something very clean and professional looking on because we all put our cells up on the conference table so as to be alerted to whatever may come up.

    As for the type of theme, I usually will stick with something that has a slot for weather and profile at the top and and at least 6 user defined icons on the bottom or side. I also like the L themes if the icons are not obnoxiously large. I don't generally care for the Today themes as I don't want people glancing at my phone seeing message headers or calendar entries.

    My ideal theme would be 8 mini icons on the bottom, weather and profile slots at the top, a small dark bar at the top to show weather, profile, time, battery and signal meters. It would have the new msg/call alerts at the top on the left or right just under the bar. Home screen icons would be user customizable and it would be wallpaper friendly. I typically prefer a darker icon with a lighter font - something simple like white on black.

    An example of a theme that is almost perfect for me is 3G83xxV1 which I think I may have found on this site. If it had 2 more icons on the bottom, it would be just about perfect.
    09-05-09 03:42 PM
  4. jackelzon's Avatar
    1) when I find a new theme I like, I keep my old one as a secondary, and discard the old one I had as a secondary. Sometimes I have 3 different themes to switch it up a bit and show the BB users who don't know about theme changes.

    2) I usually don't change them around for mood or situation, it's usually just a weekly thing or when i get bored with the current theme. (which is the Precision Dock, BoldLike for my curve)

    3) I keep to a usual, the bottom dock. I do so because I have no need to see my unread messages, and if there is a calender alert it brings it up in the status bar, no need to have it blocking my whole background pic with events and weather and messages and such, I feel the bottom dock keeps it much simpler.

    4) I guess by nature i prefer the dark style themes, with maybe a contrasting yet dark color font. Current theme is the Bold look-a-like theme for the curve and I haven't changed that in a month or so, I guess its time for a new one huh.

    5) my ideal theme would be a bottom dock theme, with very small icons and no words describing what the icon is (we all know what the icon does, right?) and have a very small top bar with just battery, signal, small clock, and msg indicator, nothign too big, giving more than enough room for the wallpaper we choose instead of cluttering it up with a signal bar on top and enormous icons on the bottom.

    6) I would like to see more dark colored fonts on black backgrounds, like a deep red on black backgrounds or dark red on a dark blue background (think Red Sox or Spiderman) just contrasting colors, And a very intersting layout for the front would be fun, i like the iberry theme for the bold that aligns the front icons in a half circle around the status center in the middle.
    09-05-09 06:11 PM
  5. lissa5168's Avatar
    I have only a couple themes on my Curve, but they are all basically the same thing just with different text colors in the banner. I like a blank homescreen because I'm a wallpaper addict. Don't use icons much anyway between the keyboard shortcuts and the side keys. I finally just decided to find an icon set I liked and jumped into Plazmic ... created a blank theme with banner text in white, grey, and black and loaded them on my phone. That way no matter which wallpaper I use, I can use the same minimalist theme and basically just change the text color to make it easier to read on the background.
    09-05-09 06:36 PM