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    Im looking for a good theme for my Curve 8310. I love the look of the iPhone Zen 83 theme but there is one thing I just MUST have that this does not have. With the BB Dimension Zen theme it has a home screen that is simple but gives snippets of your texts and emails when they come in. I LOVE this and MUST have it, but I want a smoother cooler looking theme. What themes are out with this simple feature?

    Please recommend your favorite theme and why.

    06-11-08 09:47 AM
  2. Pete6's Avatar
    Welcome to Crackberry.

    There are currently 3 different types of theme. A fourth one will officially be here soon for your (and my) phone.

    The types are:
    Icon this theme has one single page and has, as it's name implies, only icons.

    Zen is the same as icon except that it has a second screen that displays the first 5 icons on the main theme down the left hand side of the second screen.

    Today has icons and a second scree but this time these are fixed but display the last two unopened emails and the next two Calander entries.

    The new L theme is only officially available via the new and, as yet unreleased new version of the Operatin System. Release data is rumored for next month - don't hold your breath. Several people have produced L themes and some may be viewed and downloaded from http://forums.crackberry.com/f16/

    You might be able to convince one of the theme makers to build you your own unique theme if you say the right words.

    Remember that themes take up Device Memory and that you can achieve quite good results by selecting one of the built in themes by goung to Options, Themes and selecting one that is already on your phone. I use the BBDimension Today theme and I have simply changed the standard background (wallpaper) (Media, Pictures, select picture, Menu, Set As Home Screen Image). Again the Wallpaers and Themes forum has loads of 320x240 pictures for you to choose from or, you can use one of your own pictures. Finally a Goolge search for themes will yield loads of sites offering free or paying themes. My personal favorite is Adlen's site (a member here) Free Blackberry Themes, Games, MP3 Ringtones, and Videos | GemBlock.com where there are lots of free themes.
    06-11-08 10:19 AM