1. mrimagination's Avatar
    Superman Theme:

    I am a very big fan of superman, and I wanted to create a theme that really spoke to the fans. So I thought if Kal El had a BlackBerry what theme would he have. So I made some custom icons all in Kryptonian based on the free Kryptonian font you can find around the web. Then I made the mouse over or roll over states custom icons that reveal what that icon really is. Through in some other custom backgrounds and here's the finished theme.

    Download Theme at Marks Imagination

    Now using the same train of thought...

    Warhammer 40K Inquisition:

    So in the Warhammer 40K universe (made popular in the Dawn of War video games) there are Inquisitors who seek out heresy and plots to over throw the empire of terra. I thought to myself what would his BlackBerry look like and here's what I came up with.

    In the above image if you scroll up with the mouse the icons bounce.

    Download Theme at Marks Imagination
    04-05-09 03:41 PM
  2. mgdotnet's Avatar
    What are the icons for the superman theme?
    04-05-09 04:51 PM
  3. fadetoblack1985's Avatar
    gj on the superman icons, very creative
    04-05-09 05:13 PM
  4. mrimagination's Avatar
    I made just about all the icons on that superman theme except for a select few. GPS, is the only one that comes to mind.
    04-05-09 08:05 PM
  5. Iceman's Avatar
    I like the Superman one a lot...nice job!
    04-05-09 08:08 PM
  6. mrimagination's Avatar
    Thanks for the kind words - it's really a tedious task making all new icons from scratch for these things...

    I mean there's like 60 some odd custom images, 120 if you have roll over states. I just get tired of everyone re-hashing the same old icons into things. Glad people like it.
    04-06-09 12:56 AM
  7. walican132's Avatar
    Is the Warhammer theme still able to be DLed??
    09-28-09 04:22 PM
  8. DRECIN's Avatar
    Where are the downloads located? maybe I'm just noob but couldnt find them?
    10-16-09 06:23 PM
  9. FelixLazarus's Avatar
    I want to get the Superman one, is there a direct link that'll take me to that page? Because I can't find it.
    11-07-09 04:19 PM
  10. sarjakd's Avatar
    I couldn't find the downloads. Where are they located?
    11-23-09 01:13 PM