1. FTWrath's Avatar
    Hey guys, if anyone wants their own blog/website where they can host their own bb themes (ota or desktop) and have their own Blog page like this BlackBerry Video Blog
    Please let me know.
    I can make your own domain http://YOURNAME.blackberryvids.com and you would have ftp access and your own wordpress blog created.
    NO CHARGE, I have 20 free spots which I can do this with. P/m me or reply here and I'll review your application.
    Simply links to threads with themes on them you have already made, just so I know I'm giving it to people who will utilize the space.
    I can even have a forum installed for you if your blog gets big so people can request stuff, etc.

    Doing this NO CHARGE just being helpful to you guys as I get all my free themes from Crack Berry.
    03-31-09 06:57 PM