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    My brand spanking new Curve has a line at the top of the screen, kinda like the image has a slightly different shade. THe line runs horizontal and is just above the top icon. Is this normal?
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    07-08-08 09:29 PM
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    That is part of the verizon zen theme. Try the dimension theme instead.

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    07-08-08 09:30 PM
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    Sorry I should have been a little more specific. Im actually using the Dimension Zen theme, not the VZW theme.

    All the Dimension themes have what looks like a line running across the top, about a centimeter down. Its like the screen is a slightly lighter shade than the rest of the screen.

    I know my VZW Pearl didnt have this on the Dimensiono Zen theme, and I dont remember the store model having it either.

    Any ideas? I guess Ill have to waste my lunchbreak going to the VZW store to compare to another one.
    07-09-08 06:23 AM