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    Hi all! First of all, I appologize, cause I know this has been asked before, but I am not finding quite exactly what I am looking for. I have had problems with my calendar not showing appt's when using today themes since I upgraded to 4.5, I found all the suggested, however noen worked. So, my thoughts were to delete it, then maybe reinstall it. But..for some reason, my desktop software is not seeing it as an app, in fact, it only shows it if I choose "all files" then shows as a .jad where apparantly I need an alx file. So apparantly, I dont have the one I saved, from before, or, this new OS just doesnt recognize it, which could explain why the calendar wasnt working correctly. So, after all this, I am looking to see if anyone has the Today Plus Theme for OS 4.5 I am using a curve 8320 tmo). I have followed many links to find this software now, but they are all dead now, at least the ones I found. Not opposed to paying for it, since it is my fave theme, if anyone could even show me where I may find it> ive checked cb, bb, and a few other popular sites. Including Handango. Any suggestions?
    Thanks all
    11-12-08 02:37 AM
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    11-12-08 07:12 AM