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    -9 User Customizable Icons on the Homescreen
    -Battery Meter skinned as the "Eye of Thundara"
    -Signal Meter skinned as the "Sword of Omens"
    -Alarm Indicator skinned as "Cheetara"
    - 5 Thundercats Icons used for "Messages, Browser, Calendar, Media & Address Book"
    -Focus Icon on App Screen is the "Sword of Omens"
    -New Item Icon is skinned as "Snarf"
    -Link to Zip Files that contains 3 SMS Tones "Thunder Cats **!, Mumm-Ra Transformation & Sight Beyond Sight" & 2 Ringtones "Opening Theme by the Rembrants & Closing Theme from the show"

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    Love the theme! My only problem is that the menu font should be at least 2pts bigger so it is easier to read, and the homescreen background color should be black. That would really make the icons POP!

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    10-15-09 01:24 AM