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    hi folks i have an 8310 BB from vodafone.

    the vodafone theme is horrible.

    i am using the BB dimension today theme... however this theme doesent have an icon for txt/mms messages where the vodafone theme does.

    how do i get the txt/mms icon into the BB dimension today theme?

    on the vodafone theme home screen i have listed

    voice mail
    call log
    Text/Media Messages

    basically what i want is to have these on the BB dimension Today Themes home screen, is this possible? when i am using the bb dimension today theme, on the main list of icons , it doesent have an icon for text/media messages, even if i select show all.
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    I am not sure if it works with this theme but try this,


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    05-15-08 06:45 AM
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    thanks that worked great. how do i get this new icon to display on the home screen.... sorry but im new to blackberries!

    cheers much appreciated!

    the same thing is with the Voice Mail Icon, its in the Vodafone theme home screen but not in other themes,.
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    I don't think you can change the homescreen icons on that theme.

    On BB dimension zen & others you can change them by ensuring that the 5 icons you want on the homescreen are in the top row of the BB desktop icons.

    To move an icon highlight it, hit menu key and select move. Move it to the top row, hit menu key again and select complete move or move here.

    Hope that helps.

    Welcome to CB!

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