1. yaksha's Avatar
    i know half of you are going to say use the 8530 themes etc....

    however im wondering if anyone has actually sat down and started developing or converting themes onto the new 5.0os specifically for 8330.

    if so where and what are the options available so far?
    01-30-10 05:48 PM
  2. snaganalf's Avatar
    Check out the last few themes I've posted. There are two versions, one for 5 and one for 4.5

    I've tested the 5.0 releases on my personal bb since there is no simulator for version 5 yet.

    Chris, if you have Theme Studio 5, to get the 5 export option on the 8330's use the 8330 series as your template instead of the 8300 series. You'll have the option of exporting to 5.0 then. When you make a new theme that is.
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    01-31-10 09:41 AM
  3. snaganalf's Avatar
    Yes, the themes for the 8500 series still work with 5.0
    01-31-10 04:10 PM