1. Maximus_07's Avatar
    using the plazmic CDK 4.5 version software.
    been fiddling with making my own theme for the dark knight, and so far i feel i done well.
    Saved it all and now stuck how to get it on my 8310

    i have a thm file version, the load application errored and wouldnt load it
    then i exported it and i got the cod and alx files, again tried to use the load application and errored out saying "no additional applications where designed for your handheld"

    so am puzzled how to get it on my phone.

    anyone help? this is my first time fiddling so abit lost, cheers
    08-09-08 05:14 PM
  2. Maximus_07's Avatar
    anyone able to help?
    08-10-08 05:23 AM
  3. astokes220's Avatar
    Well my solution is for you to export it as a .alx file and then when you open your desktop manger go to load apps...if it doesn't find it then click browse and remember the path to where you exported it and go from there. Hope this works.

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    08-10-08 06:20 AM