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    First off - thanks to gregorma for making the original THM file available!!!
    <<original post can be found here>>

    Details on changes to original theme:
    - Banner icons re-arranged: message indicator bar overlapped date field, moved to under the signal meter. other icons moved under battery indicator
    - Blue overlay on ZEN screen changed to Silver
    - Changed ZEN screen background to silver sphere
    - Application name changed to Arial font, Blue, positioned to center of sphere
    - Zen icons will "spring from bottom" as you scroll over them
    - Changed incoming call screen background

    ZEN screen:

    the screenshot was taken from Plazmic - when the theme is installed, only the selected icon is Silver, the rest remain black until selected. as you roll over them they "spring up" from the bottom of the screen.

    Pretty much left the rest of the theme alone. The main screen will still retain the Blue overlay as you scroll across the icon set.

    Remember to check out the original post from gregorma above.

    ALX/COD file attached:
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    looks really good! could i get the .thm for this?
    12-15-08 06:46 PM
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    oh wait.. found it nevermind lol
    12-15-08 06:47 PM