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    This theme is for those with an 8330 either Boost Mobile OS 5 or running a hybrid and are unable to utilize OS 5 themes. Installing this theme will enable you to use the 5.0 themes. I had it posted on another thread and several people have stated it needs to be in a thread of it's own to make it easier to find. So here it is.

    I have it OTA on my server.

    Downolad HERE <<<<<<<<<<<<

    This is the net_rim_theme_precision_zen_320x240_b_01 Stock theme needed on 8330's to be able to utilize the 8500 series and the 8350 OS 5 themes.
    Be aware, this only works for 8330's running OS 5. OS 4.5 or older don't recognize it.
    Here is the link for the Zip file Download Zip Here
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    Good idea.

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