1. yyy's Avatar
    hello all,

    i just bought my 8320 yesterday,
    i was trying to upgrade the os to
    and in the process my computer froze
    due to which i had to pull the phone form the usb socket, and restart the upgrade process, once after the upgrade was done, there was this black n white screen on my phone, icons were tiny and the phone was very fast.
    i went in to options to c what theme it is and it said " no theme ACTIVE "
    so i clicked on the next theme to activate and c how it was, once i did that, i could not go back to the same black n white theme as it disappeared from the menu, i really like it as its simple and fast, can any 1 suggest me how to get t back, help will be much appreciated.

    07-28-09 01:17 AM
  2. xliderider's Avatar
    First off all, don't disconnect from the usb during an upgrade even if it seems like it is stuck or frozen, unless you get an error message. The normal process takes a while.

    What you are describing is not normal, you still might have a bad OS installation.

    At the very least do a battery pull, power on, take out battery, wait 30 seconds, reinstall battery to reset your phone.

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    07-28-09 01:45 AM