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  1. curve1967's Avatar
    This theme is for the Curve 83xx os4.5 not what is posted in the title Sorry

    -8 User Customizable Icons on the Homescreen
    -1 User Customizable Icon in top left corner to be used for Weather App, SmartBB or whatever you would like ;-)
    -New Item Icon is skinned as a 'Zentraedi Battle Pod'
    -Alarm Icon is skinned as a 'Guardian VF'
    -Robotech Font used throughout theme

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    10-07-09 10:34 PM
  2. edge310's Avatar
    Link doesnt work. Would love to see it and/or screen shots.
    11-18-09 04:09 AM
  3. j.p.hatfield's Avatar
    yeah...that would be nice to see your work and have a good link....
    11-18-09 07:37 AM