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    Looking for theme creators!!!!

    Hi, is there anyone out there that would be interested in making a breakdancing theme, in zen format? I have searched many forums and have yet to come across a breakdancing theme. This is a great opportunity for some theme creators to show off their skills.

    Ideas for the theme:
    Background image: a breakdancer in a freeze (aka cool looking pose to all you non-breakers)
    Icon ideas: some sort of street themed icons, i.e. graffiti looking, street-art type stuff, hip-hop influenced type icons

    For a theme creator who is unfimiliar with some of the principles of breakdancing, it mainly focuses around music, and using dance to be more creative with music. it is not about the hype of hip-hop, looking cool, or any of that. it is a loving sport with a wimsicle and fun attitude with it, in the goal of having fun while dancing. just thought i would give you guys a vibe of what breakdancing really is so you can customize this theme with a better mindset of what breaking is about.

    this is also a good opportunity for a theme creator to make a really personalized theme, not some mass-produced wannabe theme for the chicago cubs or any of that mainstream stuff.

    hopefully someone is up for the challenge!

    feel free to ask me questions regarding the theme itself or breakdancing.


    P.S. I am new to this forum and was not sure where I should post this thread. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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