1. -dillpickle-'s Avatar
    Hi I don't have a data plan and am looking for some free themes that I can download using desktop manager.
    Any help would be appreciated
    01-10-10 07:30 PM
  2. snaganalf's Avatar
    Most any of them that are in a zip file will be for Desktop Manager.
    01-10-10 07:45 PM
  3. -dillpickle-'s Avatar
    Oh thanks but I have downloaded a few zip files and they only contian COD. and DM doesn't recognize anything but alx
    01-10-10 08:18 PM
  4. snaganalf's Avatar
    Then you will need to write an alx file for it.

    Use notepad or some other plain text editor.
    Create a file named yourcodname.alx

    It's contents will look something like this:

    <loader version="2010.01.10.1807">
    <application id="yourcodnamehere" _blackberryVersion="[5.0.0,)">
    <vendor>Plazmic Inc.</vendor>
    <copyright>Copyright (c) 2001-2009 Plazmic Inc. All Rights Reserved.</copyright>
    <fileset Java="1.0">

    Where I've got the 5.0.0 in red, replace it with your version. Such as 4.5.0

    replace yourcodnamehere with the name of the cod you have in the places I've made red text and DM should load it.
    01-10-10 08:42 PM