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    Screen Shots:

    I've Extract the 8520's Precision Theme .cod file, I then installed it onto a BlackBerry Curve 8330, It worked...
    Use BBSAK to Load .cod!

    Download Link:
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    02-19-11 03:33 AM
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    Lol!, No Replies?
    02-22-11 08:07 AM
  3. agp423's Avatar
    I'm using this right now, it is simply amazing.
    02-25-11 09:36 AM
  4. highlightreel93's Avatar
    really great, for sms it comes up as a bbm sign though.
    02-25-11 05:53 PM
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    This is 85xx's Default Precision Theme Version 4.6
    Version 5 which i will extract contains lot of changes like the Icon Focus Grid is Blue
    02-28-11 05:32 AM
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    Does this work for 8330 OS 4.5? Looking for a precision zen them witih weather. Any suggestions?
    04-22-11 06:02 PM
  7. zdemirelli's Avatar
    How do i put this on my phone anyway? Thanks
    11-13-11 10:41 AM
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    Does this work with O.S 4.5 on a Curve 8310?
    02-16-12 05:40 AM
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    I install the theme on my bb using bbsak, but it doesn't show up in my themes list. Please help, I have a bb curve 8320 on OS 4.5. I desperately need a theme, which is completely authentic, and RIM original, maybe a OS 4.6 theme. Please help bro...
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    06-21-12 07:11 AM
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    its works in my 8330 but before that, ive upgrade from 4.5 to 5.0... and.... its works
    07-16-13 01:01 PM