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    There are so many cute OTA themes, but I don't have the data plan on my phone. If I were to go to a wifi spot could I get the internet and then download an OTA theme?

    If so, do I have to do anything other than find the link and click it and then follow instructions to download? Anything special I need to do to get the internet in a wifi zone? Anything special I need to do to download OTA?

    11-02-09 01:19 PM
  2. sdnberry86's Avatar
    I don't know much about wifi as I have a data plan, all you can do I'd try. If it will not work you can try PMing the person who made the theme and see if they could send you the axl file. I'm sure most wouldn't mind helping you out
    If you try downloading OTA just click the link and the download page will pop up. Hope you find this helpful!

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    11-02-09 11:22 PM
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    Here is a link on how to download OTA themes using your computer and then how to install them on you BB

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    11-02-09 11:43 PM