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    It is here.... FINALLY!

    So yes, there are only currently a FEW LEO styled themes out there.. and now I plan to change that. I only have one version out thus far for the following phones (more phone options to come soon, please feel free to post your phone model if your's isn't listed yet):

    Storm 1 and 2 OS 5.0+ Only (works best on Storm 2, but not required)
    Tour (OS4.7 and 5.0)
    Curve 8300/8700/8800 Series OS 4.5

    As I said more to come soon. Working on Bold 9700 currently, should be added and seen ready to sell very soon.

    As I said above, if your phone model isn't listed, reply to this and let me know which one so I can prioritize phone's that need done first and quickest.

    I plan to have other versions for all these phones down the road as well, to give more options.

    I also plan to make themes for Fire and themes for EMS. Anything public safety I plan to create in time to come.

    For now here are some screenshots of these themes. After you view, head on over to all the themes I have created and maybe buy one if you like it, available on entire MobiHand network including here on Crackberry.

    here is link to all my themes:
    MobiHand - Smartphone Apps - MobiHand Apps Store

    Crackberry - BlackBerry Apps - Crackberry Store

    If you are a police officer or similar career or just like theme's representing law enforcement, then this theme for the Blackberry is for you! The icons are customized pictures that relate to police work (i.e. Duty belt, radar, handcuffs, lightbar, ticket book, subpoena :P, St Michael pendant, and so much more). A lot of creative thought went into this theme to make it especially special for those in this career and want to show it off on their phone. Special background pictures of related things, such as the all new CM E7 police car coming soon, crime scene tape, etc. Almost every corner of this theme is jam packed with something to do with police work. Some are practically hidden, some will be obvious to first sight.

    Customized icons that suite each app/program or at least has some hidden meaning behind an icon. Example a "Radar unit" is icon for the clock app, as in clock the speeders. Get it now? Handcuffs for Lock. An MDT computer screen for browser. St Michael pendant for help app. Really got it now? Ok good!
    Custom backgrounds for many areas of phone. Such as home screen, app list, phone calls, message list, etc.

    See original thread for pictures/screenshots: http://forums.crackberry.com/f177/pr...ty-392531-new/
    12-25-09 12:34 AM
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    man I hate cops
    12-25-09 01:04 AM
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    man I hate cops
    Love em or hate em. I don't care. Just get over it, and don't waste a post on something unrelated to these THEMES for BLACKBERRIES.
    12-25-09 05:28 AM