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    First off, apologies if this is the wrong place to post this. (I'm a noob and have yet to learn the rules. But I figured I'd post this here as this issue only occurs with the official Precision Zen theme from RIM.)

    Anyway, on my Verizon Curve 8330, I managed to install the Boost Mobile version of OS, and I also found the official Precision Zen theme created by RIM themselves pulled directly from on BBHybrids.

    Everything's been running very well and the theme is beautiful, however, one "massive" (Or at least I think so. ) interface glitch has been annoying me for the week or so I've been running the theme, specifically on the dial screen/call log you are sent to after you press the Send button from the home screen.

    There's an attached image below with a screenshot.

    There's an awful looking clock [that actually gets cut off by the barely visible battery gauge depending on the time and the combination of numbers and whatnot], and it just looks... Bad.

    Now isn't this same screen supposed to look something like this?

    [Attached thumbnail below, I don't want to spam just so I can post links. )

    Is there any sort of patch that I can use to change just the call log to better match the theme?

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    What theme do you have for that? I've been looking for a new theme for the longest time.
    04-18-11 08:51 PM