1. krisericson's Avatar
    I've been searching on google as well as here for about an hour so far (today), and I can't find anything that addresses this.

    Is it possible to change a setting (or specify via a theme) so that all messages (including those already read) are displayed on a today theme, as opposed to only the unread messages?
    12-16-08 09:30 AM
  2. Muley05's Avatar
    I would also be interested in this. I don;t like that they disappear after I have read them.
    12-16-08 02:28 PM
  3. chelseytx's Avatar
    bump... anyone have an answer... i too would like to know!
    02-27-09 11:49 PM
  4. Yessee's Avatar
    I don't think there's a way.

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    03-01-09 10:52 AM
  5. mgdotnet's Avatar
    There is no options in Plazmic to do this. Therefore, I do not thnk it is possible.
    03-01-09 10:56 AM
  6. Iceman's Avatar
    I don't know of a way either...
    03-01-09 10:57 AM
  7. doctorlove316's Avatar
    Yeah, I have yet to see an option for this anywhere, on the BB, or in Plazmic. Would be nice though. I have been wondering the same thing.
    03-01-09 05:15 PM