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    Okay, I have downloaded and "successfully installed" both themes on my phone. They both appear in my applications list. However, neither of them show in my themes list to activate them. I have downloaded multiple times. I have deleted and downloaded again. I have done battery pulls. An interesting thing is happening now when I perform the battery pull. When I pull the battery and start it back up; the theme that I was running does not appear. Instead the default Zen theme is used. The theme does use the last wallpaper I applied and all changes to the theme that I originally got the phone. Below are my phone's specs.

    8300 Curve
    Pin: 242cf860
    Memory Free: 18508522

    My only thought right now: is it time to install a new OS?

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

    02-28-08 07:02 AM
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    You can remove this thread.

    I updated my OS and the themes are great!

    This does mean that there is a compatibility issue with that OS.
    03-02-08 06:28 AM