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    I am having issues with the new OS... I installed the most recent version of DM (4.3 multi language directly from verizon), and windows vista automatically installs the "device software", no problem, syncs w/ outlook, everything is good except when trying to install a theme, says no application loader found for this device...

    then i followed all of the threads to install the OS as well.. went to verizon, got the correct 8330 OS, installed it. As soon as I plug in the bb to the computer, open the DM, the DM can't read the BB and says "none" in the PIN area. As a new verizon curve holder, do we already have the new OS? Do we really have to upgrade? This is really killing a BB newb here.. ALL i want is to change my themes, and it won't let me do it.

    So now, all I uninstalled everything (DM/OS), and reinstalled the DM... I am able to sync, but still not able to install .alx files....

    can someone please help?!

    my phones stats:

    CDMA v4.3.0.127 (platform
    05-15-08 09:20 AM
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    I replied here: http://forums.crackberry.com/f71/new...ls-help-36070/

    Please don't double post. Someone will help you soon.
    05-15-08 06:43 PM