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    Okay, first of all, please someone tell me if this is way too demanding. I have spent HOURS looking over each and every theme on the site, and while I've found so many that I love, I have not found one that is just that perfect one that meets all my needs and wants. I'm sure it's out there though!
    So here's what I'm after for a theme.
    I would love to have an L and today + theme. I would like clean, easy to distinguish icons. Next I would love at least 5 entries for the calandar showing up on the main screen. Under that I would like to have probably 2 messages, and under that I would like SMS, again, with probably 2 entries for that as well. I have found all this in the NancyDrew theme of blossom berry, but there are a few things bothering me with that one. First of all, when you look at missed calls, it does not make it go away on the screen. I like how on most themes once you open and look at the missed call, it's gone! Next are the fonts. They are small. I understand they need to be small on the main screen in order to fit all the features it displays, and that is fine, but they are too small on other things as well. Is there a way to change that??? Also I wouldn't mind if they were different colors maybe?? I don't know.
    Lastly is the color and design. I like the pinks for sure. Maybe not so much a hot pink or a bright pink, but more like a muted rose pink. And while I do like contrasting colors, I'm not crazy about the pink/black. I prefer maybe pink/brown, or pink/olive, etc. Something new and current. If there are several shades of pink that's great, too. I'm just not crazy about the really busy and loud pinks for the majority of the color on the theme. I really like a clean, crisp, easy to read and see kind of theme. I don't care for all the designs, flowers, symbols, but I do like a nice, professional type border or something of the like. I mainly want a very pretty, clean, simply but elegant theme. Like I said, if I'm being really picky here, I apologize. Unfortunately I'm not talented enough to create my own, or I might try my hand at that. I'm new to blackberry, so in due time I will take a look at how to go about doing that. From what I've read though it's pretty difficult, especially for someone like myself, who is not familiar with this type of thing to begin with.
    Thanks for taking time to read my post, and any ideas or themes are greatly appreciated! Just point me in the right direction! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    08-28-09 01:41 PM
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    I just realized I put "5" entries for the calendar, but I meant to say "3" instead. I think 5 would be wonderful, but it's not very realistic. Sorry about that.
    08-28-09 01:44 PM
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    Good luck! There are plenty of talented people out there who will probally do this for u. Most would probally ask for a little donation in witch isn't to much to ask if there taking time to do this for you. On the other hand check out www.blacklightforums.com or PimpMyBerry! - Pimp Your BlackBerry! they may not have exactly what you want but its a start and there free.
    08-28-09 02:03 PM
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    The donation is perhaps the most important part of this whole thing, and I neglected to mention that. Thanks for mentioning! Of course I will be willing to make a donation for any service which I cannot perform myself. And to be honest, I'm willing to pay for things I can do myself from time to time! I have seen so many great ones, and many I've downloaded and am using. Just thought it'd be worth putting out there in case someone thinks they want to tackle it, or if they happen to know of some which already exist and I've not been able to find.
    08-28-09 03:25 PM