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    Whenever I switch from standard AT&T theme to Dimension Theme, I noticed that I am missing the icons that I have on my standard AT&T theme.
    Especially all my add-on apps ( free & purchased apps: Expense manager, Games, Clock, InfoSpace, Sodoku,

    Originally, some of the applications' icons were displayed on the main page, but when I moved it to the Apps folder ( yellow folder) it just disappeared to thin air and I can't "resurrect" those icons anymore.

    Now the only way I could access those apps is if I use the "Switch Application", that require at least 7 steps just to get there:
    Step 1: click the BB menu
    Step 2. press the letter "s" ( cursor move to "show all"
    Step 3. press the letter "s" ( cursor move to " Switch application"
    step 4. click the Switch application
    step 5-14. roll the trackball to the intended app
    step ( 5-14) + 1. Click the app to launch

    Could you tell me how to get my icons back?

    Additional info:
    revision to sentence #4.
    I could only access the app using "Switch Application" only if I already have the apps running. If a particular app was not running before I switched theme or I closed the application, I will not be able to use the "switch applicaton" to go back to that apps
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    I just got my Curve last week, and that is happening to me, too.

    When I go under a folder I created, nothing is there...and when I'm in the folder, it shows "Options" at the bottom of the blank screen.

    I got them to show up again by deleting the folder so it put them back on the main screen. But I am curious as well.
    02-03-08 10:33 AM
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    When in the home page of the new theme, select menu, and uncheck "hide all". The hidden icons will show up transparent. Then move the trackball over to the hidden icon you want to show and select menu, uncheck hide.
    02-03-08 11:19 AM
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    That doesn't work in this instance. The applications are not hidden but 'missing' (after you place them in a folder).

    When you navigate to the folder, it is just a seemingly empty folder...and where the [highlighted] App name usually shows at the bottom of the screen, it shows "Options," and this occurs for any folder added.

    (I thought perhaps mine had hidden them, but when I'd check Show All, they still didn't appear. The only way to get them to populate again was to delete the folder I moved them into.)

    The other themes didn't do this.
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    I finally went to Blackberry's website..probably where I should have looked first, LoL.

    * BlackBerry Curve 8300 smartphone
    * BlackBerry Device Software
    * SDR153628

    If you are using the BB Dimension Icon theme and you create a new folder and move icons into that folder, the icons will appear cut off and cannot be accessed.

    This is a previously reported issue that has been escalated internally to our development team. No resolution time frame is currently available.

    (I can't post the link since I haven't made 10 posts yet.)
    02-03-08 07:06 PM
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    I have found this problem with the BB today theme also.

    Although BB say they are working on it (last modified Nov last year!) I have the problem that my settings application is within the folder that has gone missing! I can't switch the theme, or access any other settings...

    Does anyone have an alternative method of opening the settings application?

    I even tried creating a folder with the same name in the hope that may help, but it didn't. Any further suggestions? Is there a way to reload/refresh/reset the themes via the desktop manager??*



    * fixed by clearing a few of the databases - folders/themes etc
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    Delete the folder and all the Icons will appear on the main windows.
    04-24-08 10:24 AM