1. tifabreakhearts's Avatar
    I can do a bit of graphic design but I'm not so much of a pixel artist so I ask, very hopingly, is there a site that has some good blackberry icons for free? I'm not making these to sell, just to use myself and perhaps post on the forums if I get a little better at making them, but I NEED ICONS to make them! Desperately!
    03-03-10 10:15 AM
  2. Toasty_kitty's Avatar
    Dude, I'd love to see some too, that's the only thing from keeping on making my own themes
    03-03-10 09:11 PM
  3. snaganalf's Avatar
    Here is a post with some ICONS HERE

    If you will search the forums for icon sets, free icons etc... you'll find more available for download.

    Searching google for free icons, free icon sets... etc... reveals lots of places to get them from as well.
    03-04-10 12:44 AM